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Perry The Platypus pencil by TheRoninGhost Perry The Platypus pencil :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0 King Koffin by TheRoninGhost King Koffin :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
Crack in the Sky
A crack in the sky
The flash of a photograph
The Hammer's lightning
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 1 0
Rain by TheRoninGhost Rain :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
To Be
Oh, what it would
     be, to be the
          wind. To brush upon the
               soft skins and furs. To glide across the
sweet-scented treetops. To sweep over the
     roaring oceans. To be driven by
          nothing, to be
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
The Patient Forest
The Forest is never still. The forest never rests. The forest only waits. Her immeasurable patience stretches forever across and beyond the horizon of our limited view. Her perceived stillness is merely a guise for its firm crusade. As I lie still in the grass just beyond the outbreak of trees, my eyes traced her subtle movements. The trees steadily advance upon me, growing and preparing their seeds for the next line, a new vanguard. The branches sway back and forth, beating back the foe that is the wind, the wind that threatens to take the forest's children across to more distant lands, lands the forest had not calculated for its assault.
In the meantime, we both wait. The perseverance of the forest against the guts of a youth, a battle fought not with brute force but with observation, a keen sight for weakness. The air hung silent as I carefully observed her form, as she undoubtedly observed mine. I felt the tall grass brush against my skin, urging me to move hastily.
Then I saw it;
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
What're the Odds
First, let me note that I am an atheist. I don't believe in God or even the concept of "good" luck. My solution for the mysteries of the world is a concept I call the Extreme Coincidence, but we'll get into that later. Anyways, with that minor glimpse into my worldview in mind, I can begin my story.
It began the other night. I was sitting in front of my computer, thinking about what to write for this "Wilderness Journal." My fingers idly tapped at the keys, making random words appear on my screen only to be deleted by a barrage of backspaces. I didn't know what to write, mostly because I never really thought about nature to begin with. Sure, when I was a kid I loved dirt and bugs and animals, but I grew out of it. The world around me ceased to be a priority, not with school or bills or even my social life keeping me occupied. So, what was there to do?
I had to connect with nature. That's what I told myself. I had to invest; I had to give it value. Sure, we're always told to take care o
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
Captain OliMAN by TheRoninGhost Captain OliMAN :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 3 1 King Koffin goes digital by TheRoninGhost King Koffin goes digital :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 1
dis here's rat's
The following is a dialogue between a half-orc rogue, Kang, and a tiefling fighter, Nero, as they escort a client fleeing from a tavern that has very recently put to flame (Nero will deny any accusations made that point them as the reason, whereas Kang would boast that the two of them did the deed alone).
Kang: …I also hate that captain, whatsisname?…oh, and I hated the bartender…and that Halfling sitting behind me…oh, I hate you, too, by the way.
Nero chuckles.
Kang: What?
Nero: So…you and I are alike, after all.
Kang: How d’you figure?
Nero: Seems we both hate everyone. That makes you and I the same.
Kang: I’dn’t jump to conclusions.
Nero: Why not?
Kang Well, why d’ya hate me?
Nero: You’re loud, simple, uncultured, and brutish. It’s almost revolting.
Kang: See? Right there.
Nero: What?
Kang: You hate me personally, right?
Nero: Yeah, so?
Kang: Well, me hating you ain’t a personal thing.
Nero: How does that work?
Kang: Well,
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
My Baby
I miss you, my baby
In these empty arms so tight
It’s cold here, my baby
In this lonely bed tonight
I love you, my baby
You are my entire world
I need you, my baby
So my plans I can unfurl
I wanna watch you, my baby
Grow old before my eyes
I wanna clutch you, my baby
As I aim for the skies
You’re nothing
Nothing if not everything
You’re all I want
You’re all I need
You are the better
Side of me
There’s nothing else
I wanna do
But spend my life
Loving you
We can make it, my baby
Our love forevermore
I mean it, my baby
More than I ever meant before
Forgive me, my baby
For writing such a cheesy song
Want you to know, my baby
I’ll be with you all along
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 0
Black hole
It's cold. The air seems frozen solid within my lungs and I cannot breathe. That cruel frost takes me piece by piece; she steals at my arms and claws at my legs as if she needs them for her own locomotion. I feel the claws of wind digging at my chest and my heart begins to thump and leap towards those hands. I have no choice but to defend my heart, thus my hands are sent to my chest as shields. However, it seems these hands of mine are tainted and the frost uses them as a medium. It is my own cruel hands that dig and tunnel through my chest and to my heart. They claw through the ribs and crawl through the muscle and swim through the blood. I take my heart and I grasp it. I grasp it so tight my heart cannot move. It cannot beat and it cannot pump the blood through my living corpse. The pressure builds about my heart and becomes stronger with the passing clock. The whole world seems to draw in towards me in a queer fashion; the color is pulled first, followed by the outline, then the con
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 7
Obake...? by TheRoninGhost Obake...? :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 1 the Great Demon Bat, Batzu by TheRoninGhost the Great Demon Bat, Batzu :icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 2
Masked - Sampler
Once upon a time there was a far away kingdom. The kingdom was filled with lonely people. The people of the kingdom were afraid and too shy to greet each other. They were afraid of many things; they were afraid of safety, embarassment, and conflict mostly. And so, the people led secluded lives.
Whenever the king walked through his streets, he shivered at the cold and dead feeling of his kingdom. This saddened the king greatly. One day, the king decided to save his people and make them happy forever more.
So, that night, every single person of the kingdom received an invitation to a grand masquerade in the king's ballroom on the night of the next full moon. Everyone went with uniqe masks to the most magnificent ballroom in the entire world. When the whole kingdom was there, the king gave a grand speech.
"Good people," he called to them. "Smile, laugh, and enjoy each other's company! And let it be that none shall remove his or her mask until I do so as well."
The people gave a great roar
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 2
the Flight of the Phoenix
There they were, across the field. We were both ready. They came at me in a fiery rage. The sound of their marching sounded off like thunder. They came with their faces plain and cold. Their blades were gleaming in the moonlight. They were closing in. Closer and closer. Each boom came louder and faster than the last. The ground rumbled beneath me. My comrades and I stood there, alone. My friend pulled his violin and began to play a soft tune. We stood there, waiting. Listening to the beautiful sounds of the violin.
      We waited there, my friends and I. Quite a nerve-wrecking experience. There was, of course, I, Ezekiel. My friend since early childhood, Siegfried stood to my right. There was the boy, Fredrich, in a tree playing his violin. The lovely Achae was at my left. The ever-zealous Regina was off behind me, stretching.
      The five of us had been waiting for this battle our entire lives, yet never expected it to come. We all stood there, at the head of an army. They, too, ha
:icontheroninghost:TheRoninGhost 0 2

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